Death By Candy

by Ramona Silver

Released 2001
Released 2001
Wit, style, substance with intelligent lyrics, smart melodies and muscle. Powerful without the riot grrl trappings.
"Death by Candy," combines the melodicism of "Ultrasound" (1998) with the grittier guitar textures of Silver's "You & Me & Hell" (1995)--witty, insightful slices of pop all sung with soul and open-hearted grace.

The songs of "Death By Candy" work together as an integrated whole and while there are obvious standout singles like the lyrical "The Saint of 99," featuring Silver's luxuriously luscious vocals, or the gorgeously delicate "Motherbee," the disc tastes best when swallowed whole.

The melodic highs and the gentle breezes of a song like "Residue"--as pretty a song as you will hear all year--go down better juxtaposed with the funky, rock solid "Renter's Hell" and "Care Package," on which the singer gets down and dirty.


NEW EP -- RS is working on a new EP, with songs harkening back to the first release, You & Me & Hell (1995).  Raw guitar energy is up and triumphant against dark themes such as depression and separation.  "Run to Hide" and "Lazy Bones" are direct conversations with the saboteur in my head. "Ageless Pill (Called Playing)" and "Exercise the Spirit" call out the often crazy speed of life. Stay tuned for release info...


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