Exercise the Spirit

Ramona Silver

Energy and grit with sweet tooth for harmonies and colorful songwriting. A lyric armor and vocal sincerity that triumphs over tough topics as depression and separation.

Exercise the Spirit revisits the youthful energy and grit of early RS (circa, You & Me & Hell, 1993). These 5 songs tout a continued love for surprising melodies and rhythms, and vocals sung full-voice or cautiously up close. Mostly uptempo, this brief collection of introspective songs pushes back against dark forces many of us need to talk about these days: insecurity, depression, and separation. "Run to Hide" and "Lazy Bones" are direct conversations with the self-saboteur. Landmine is a love song to a dear one battling a dark, impenetrable lowness. "Ageless Pill (Called Playing)" and "Exercise the Spirit" call out the crazy speed of life and the need to lean on more than humanness to be kind. "Exercise..." is the last track, believing that, in the end, the Spirit can transport us, transform us, if given the invitation.

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